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What is WSPR ?

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WSPR is the Weak Signal Propergation Reporting Tool. Its primary purpose is to check for propergation effects across various amateur radio bands.

It is being used here between two antennas and two transceivers, namely a 80m end fed and a 6 band trap vertical

The transceivers are an ICOM 7300 with WSJTX in WSPR mode driving 1W of power into the 6BTV and a Raspberry Pi transmitting .2W into an end fed antenna

We can guage the performance of the antennas and also propergation by the values WSPR reporting provides. These are provided within this site

DX10 will give the top10 distance by any power, distance Vs power and Signal to Noise. These values are important as we can gauge propergation and antenna performance from them

A DX Graph of Daily data shows peaks and the average distance the transmissions are reaching.

Further Spots Tables of Most Recent 10, Daily and All are provided for reference as well as links to external mapping sites


Raspberry Pi WSPR

The primary WSPR signal generator is a Raspberry Pi 3b with a WSPR transmit hat. It can transmit 0.2 Watts of power. It can be connected to any of the High Frequency (HF) antennas available at the QTH (Home Location)

Hustler 6BTV

Hustler 6BTV
Hustler 6BTV
The Hustler 6 Band Trapped Vertical (6BTV) is the main antenna in use. It can handle the US legal limit of 1500W of transmit power.

Multiband End Fed Antenna

End Fed Antenna
End Fed Antenna
The UK Antenna's Multiband End-Fed antenna is capable of transmitting 400W of power. It contains a matching coil for all the frequencies, producing a Standard Wave Ratio of beteen 1.5 - 1 on all bands. The installation is suboptimal due to the height being less than a quaterwave, that is below 10 meters for the 40m band, but still produces WSPR results. It also used for receving the WSPR images during the daytime.